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>> steve: i'm going to go listen to brian's radio show. who is on? >> brian: kevin will be on. michael goodwin and ed henry all live. >> alisyn: we never know what he's going to say. that's the beauty.
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bill: there is fallout over weather the cia notes object benghazi were edited and if so, by whom. >> the original talking points repaired by the cia were different from the ones finally put out. bill: who changed them? the chairman of the house intelligence committee is here live in a couple minutes. martha: rising republican star florida senator marco rubio making a trip to iowa. what he had to say about rumors
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about a run for president in 2016. >> i think what happened is there are those who made promises to them. we have more government and a bigger government program that does this. if we tax one people more to pay for another group of people maybe that's the solution to the problems. here's the truth. big government doesn't help the people we are trying to help, it rurts them.
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martha: there are folks already camping out to be the first ones in the store for black friday. people are pitching tents. they have their electric and camping gears. they have all the comfort of home. >> we have most of the comforts of home. >> our family when they get done
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eating they will bring over food, we'll set a table up and we'll eat. martha: i can't figure it out. in search of a bargain they are on black friday. i wonder what it is they really -- >> there is a thing called the internet. a cease-fire thing between israel and hamas is close according to egyptian negotiators. that could allow a huge influx of weapons into the hands of islamic militants. the ambassador to the u.s., it's good to have you on our program. good morning to you. are these reports out of cairo true or is israel ready for a ground invasion? >> i can't confirm the reports.
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we want an end to the fighting. we want hamas to stop shooting at israeli families who are in bomb shelters. they have had 1,000 rockets fired at them. we want hamas to stop fighting. hamas has to stop firing and we have to create a situation where they can't go back to where they were before, every other week some hamas people would send a million israelis into bomb shelters. no country would tolerate that situation. israel has the right to defend itself and has the right to decide how to best defend
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itself. bill: i want to show the long-term picture. here is gaza. it runs 25 miles in length. you have the border checkpoint where the israeli government has documented that weapons have gone under various tunnels and roads. i'll show you a wider area. what we have been hearing is about the sinai peninsula. that that's become more lawless than in the past. one more advance here. i want to show folks what's happening since the fall of today dad today ofy. tripoli is here. benghazi is here. the argument you and others are making is that weapons are coming up through egypt into the gaza strip. there is a report that came out
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over the weekend. we'll take it one more step. the issue of iran over here to the east. the reports that iran are shipping weapons and rockets into sudan and truck north into egypt and into the gaza strip. if that's the argument you are making how do you stop this once and for all. >> our problem is not our border gaza but other country's borders with gaza. among the rockets being fired at us come directly from iran. hama terrorists have trained with the iranians. there is a strong connection. i can't see your map. gaza looks like a small place. but this is no more a struggle between small israel and small gaza and the cuba missile crisis
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was a struggle between the u.s. and cuba. all these groups to one degree or another are supplied and funded by the terrible regime in iran. bill: we come back to the basic question, that's what the world is waiting to know. will there be an invasion of gaza or not? >> we have to keep that option open. when you have half of your population in bomb shelters or a 15-second run to the bomb shelter. that's how long you have from the time the siren goes off until the rocket explodes. we have to keep the ground option open. bill: what are you willing to give them. >> we don't have to give them anything. they are terrorist shooting at
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us. we woke up one morning with our population being shell's. they are doing their utmost to kill our civilians. what they want to do on their side of the borderer is their businessth if they want to invest in rockets and deny their people basic rights and not invest in schools. we hope the people of gaza will throw them out. we want to live in peace with paul our neighbors. that's what we are asking, that's what we are demanding. bill: thank you, we'll be in contact with you as well as many others in this current conflict. martha: there is a massive manhunt going on on the east coast. a police officer is fighting for his life after being shot in the head. the latest on the search for the suspect.
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bill: a train slamming into a parade float carrying wounded veterans. now the warning signs that may have been missed. >> people were under the train. >> it was the noise. i said it sounds like somebody got hit. are you receiving a payout from a legal settlement or annuity over 10 or even 20 years? call imperial structured settlements.
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bill: a tucson police officer shot in the head over the weekends. he was responding to a home invasion. police say sergeant robert carpenter is recovering from surgery. we wish him the best. no one arrested yet. martha: vice president joe biden paying a visit to new jersey.
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he says they will be there for them long after the superstorm fades. >> this will be a long haul. one of the things i said up on the way with the fema guys who are with me. if you are not an easterner, it's hard to understand that the ocean to us is the grand canyon, yellowstone park and everything else combined. it's gigantic part of our economy but who we are it's a gigantic part of the culture as well. martha: outrage in new york city as the buildings department hits shell shocked homeowners in one queens community with housing violations if you can believe that. eric shawn joins me in breezy point, queens which has been devastated. what's going on with this?
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>> reporter: imagine you're home is destroyed or severely damaged and you come home and there is a red sticker on your door that threatens criminal prosecution. it says you are failing to maintain the property and you are in violation of building codes. the stickers from the new york city department of building, the agency said they are meant to try to document the damage. but despite that, folks say they were shocked. >> we have no structure damage. we called the building department back down to see if they will reevaluate the structure. >> they have to rip it apart. my stuff is inside but i can't get it out. i'm stuck. >> reporter: a spokesman says the violations were issues
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solely to document the damage that occurred and property owners will not face any penalties as a result. some of the property owners set they wish there was better communication. they say they were stunned and angry to find these stick terse on their doors in the first place. martha: it defies common sense to say it's just and bureaucracy. even though it means nothing and you wouldn't be find. what's going to happen to these homes and these people? >> i shows a lot of the frustrations here in queens and also staten island in dealing with the loss and the process they are going through. what could be next is a program of massive demolitions. 891 homes have been declared uninand itable and unsafe. new york city will have to
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embark on a program to tear these uninhabitable homes down. in new orleans in the lower 9th ward. thousands of homes in new orleans were torn down and they have rebuilt some up so if the floodwaters come through, they could be protected. we may see something similar here. martha: they need to avoid additional heartache and additional red tape. bill: from the outside you have this image of new orleans and these places like st. bernard's parish. there was 15 feet of water that receded. this water came in and left and it still caused the damage. martha: it just makes it more complicated and more anxiety.
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bill: who changed the talking points on benghazi before susan rice hit the talk show circuit and peter king wants answers. he's here live in minutes. >> the talking point were drafted to. they said after it went through the process, which they seemed unclear about, that was taken out. . because your daughter really wants that pink castle thing. and you really don't want to pay more than you have to. only citi price rewind automatically searches for the lowest price. and it finds one, you get refunded the difference. just use your citi card and register your purchase online. have a super sparkly day! ok. [ male announcer ] now all you need is a magic carriage. citi price rewind. buy now. save later.
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bill: hamas is saying the conflict is all the fault of israel. fan it wants the violence to end it needs to give in to the group's demands. we just spoke to the israeli ambassador and he says the burden is on hamas. >> there is in country on earth that would tolerate missiles raining down on its citizens from outside its borders. we are fully supportive of israel's right to defend itself from missiles landing on people's homes and workplaces and potentially killing civilians. and we'll continue to support israel's right to defend itself. bill: let's get to the white house and ed henry. the president is traveling in southeast asia. how is he treating this
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conflict? >> in addition to what you just played, the president said he wants israel to have the right to defend itself. what senior white house officials say they want to get allies in the region to talk about deescalating this conflict. the president is traveling with his national security adviser as well as his secretary of state hillary clinton. we are told secretary clinton has talked with leaders from france, trying to talk to key leaders to get this situation calmed down. this is the last time outgoing secretary clinton will be traveling with the president. they were hoping this trip will be about openness in asia. all of that is being overshadowed about it violence in the middle east. bill: does it say anything about
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the president's middle east policy in the wake of the arab spring? >> reporter: no question this put the administration on defense on whether they have a policy to deal with the arab string. >> let's remember the same situation arose a accumulation years ago before the arab spring. i don't think anybody would suggest somehow it's unique to democratization in the region that there is a conflict between the israelies and palestinians. that's been going on for several decades now. >> reporter: but the reality the president is facing, you have got the crisis in syria. iran moving closer to getting nuclear weapons. the middle east is a tinder box.
6:36 am
a big challenge for this white house. martha: congress vowing to investigate how cia talking points about the attack on the american consulate in benghazi were changed before being made public. general petraeus reportedly told congress that the reference to al qaeda somehow wasn't there inmore in the final version but he doesn't know what happened. top republicans are calling this a watergate-level coverup. >> the narrative was wrong and the intelligence was right. >> we are going to find out who made changes in the original statement. until we do, i think it's unwarranted to make accusations.
6:37 am
martha: peter king, chairman of the house security committee. dianne feinstein says we are going to find out who made that change, do you think we are? >> we have to. it shouldn't be the only dpaition of -- shouldn't be the obligation of congress. i don't know why the administration didn't come forward and say these changes were made and why. the longer they wait and try to confuse things the more they think something is up and they have a motive for doing it. this shouldn't be like dealing with soviet spies. they have to know. every one who touches one of these sheets of papers is a counter 40s. it should be simple to find out who did it and why. martha: the latest iteration of
6:38 am
why susan rice went on those shows and said what she said is that she couldn't say the rest of the story. she couldn't say anything about quied * or al-sharia because that part was classified. does it make any sense that those organizations, their names being used, why that would be classified information? >> no, because you wouldn't be saying how you got the information. al-sharia is active in that area. and the administration is change its story. up until now they were saying susan rice gave all the information she was given by the intelligence community. now she was told two different stories and she went with one rather than the other. martha: general petraeus wanted to testify as to what was in their assessment, the cia assessment and he did so on
6:39 am
friday. >> i below as part of his legacy he wanted it to be clear whatever confusion there may have been in the beginning. when the cia sent a statement to the white house it was accurate and focused on on point. and since then you have joe biden throwing the intelligence community under the bus. he said in his debate that susan rice said what the intelligence community gave us. everybody has been blaming the cia. david petraeus wanted to make it clear it was changed somewhere along the line. martha: are we going see susan rice testify about what she knew and will congress have public hearings? >> i'm on the intelligence committee and mike rogers the chairman and he indicated yesterday that susan rice may be
6:40 am
called as a witness. we shouldn't have to go through all this. it will be easier for the country on our foreign policy if we have the administration be honest and come forward and say what happened. if susan rice has to testify, we have to get to the bottom line. this goes beyond susan rice. we have four solid, good americans killed that day. they were murdered. to have these roadblocked thrown in the way. again, they are trying to blame the cia which was not at fault. they had it right. martha: if you get a chance to question hillary clinton what is your biggest question for her? >> i would ask her what reports they got from the field, what did they send back and what did the state department tell susan right before she went on
6:41 am
television. martha: thank you very much, sir. bill: it is only 38 months away. the next presidential election. guess who was there over the weekend. senator marco rubio. and what does that mean, if anything. a terrific panel will analyze that record-breaking visit. >> there are so many people on my side of the aisle. i heard people say i'm not getting involved anymore. i'm going to focus on my family and community and leave politics to others. other suggested maybe the american electorate has changed. and they will vote for whoever promises them more. i can't believe that's true. because if it's true, the very nature of our country hasnk changed forever.
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bill: the election is just
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barely behind us. already the buzz is growing about the next presidential contest. senator marco rubio was in iowa appearing as the featured speaker at the governor's birthday party and fundraiser. rubio cracked a joke about his possible next move. >> let's just address up front the elephant in the room. any time anyone makes a trip to iowa people speak late about what you are going to do. i am not snow now nor will i ever be a candidate for offensive coordinator of iowa. bill: did the hawk eyes win over the weekend? i'm not sure.
6:46 am
rich lowry and kirsten powers are with us. >> i wait to do my iowa caucus projections. there is a huge amount of interest in marco rubio. it started almost on election night. he's a very talented politician. fills a lot of holes the american party has had. he's young, he's charismatic. he gave far and away the best speech at the republican convention. if you were going to do a presidential preference poll of republican voters who they prefer in 2016, i'm sure he's at the top. bill: he raised $600,000 and the governor says that's a record. >> i don't make that much of it in the sense it's not surprising. it's clear this is the path he's
6:47 am
been on. i would be shocked if he doesn't throw his hat in the ring assuming he has the same stature he has now in the republican party that i assume will on grow over the next few years. i think that this is to be expected and i expect to see more. bill: he said we need to do a better job of convincing our fellow americans who perhaps don't see the things the way we do. rich, do you think the party has to do taken overhaul, a 180? >> i'm against panic and casing on things in a rush. i think the most important task for the party and rubio is a better economic appeal. bread and butter appeal to middle class voters. lost the economic debate to
6:48 am
barack obama because he didn't connect with those voters which has a lot to do with his personal wealth and his style as a politician. but he also didn't convince them on substance. how do you make conservative economics more appealing to people in the middle. bill: i think the folks on the right have short memories. that shocked democrats and got their ground operation up and running sooner than they would have otherwise. >> barack obama started building his cam paint day after he got elected. the republican party has an infrastructure problem. i assume they probably figured that out and will work on that over the next four years because that in the end of the day i think is why yes they had a problem with their message, yes, they picked a candidate who was sort of particularly ill suited
6:49 am
for the times, but at the same time i think a lot of this has to do with the fact that obama knew where his voters were, who they were, and bombarded them and turned them out. bill: stayed in contact with them for four years and went through them to find other potential voters who weren't there in situate. in the even it's pretty simple. michigan beat iowa 42-17. >> i had a feeling they didn't score many points if he was joking about the offensive coordinator. bill: send me a tweet at bill hemmer because you asked. martha: the fiscal cliff is looming. nancy pelosi drawing a fine the sand on tax hikes.
6:50 am
kevin mccarthy with his take on that. bill: were there warning signs that claimed the lives of american heroes? >> something had to happen to them here. >> my brother is in the marines. it's devastating what happened. or even 20 years? call imperial structured settlements. the experts at imperial can convert your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today. we find the best, sweetest crafor red lobster that we can find. [ male annncer ] it's time for crabfest at red lobster! this year, try 1 of 5 entrees. like our new snow crab and garlic shrimp. a half-pound of tender crab paired with savory shrimp. just 12.99. or dig into our hearty crab and roasted garlic seafood bake. all with salad and unlimited cheddar bay biscuits.
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bill: we see these waterspouts off the coast of miami, florida. check this out. this may look like a special effect for a hollywood movie. it's a video showing a giant funnel of water that looks like a tornado but it forms over water off the southeastern coast of australia. water spout knocked down power
6:54 am
lines. at least one home collapsing. you never hear about this. this man won't forget it. >> it was like 10 trains coming through the house. it was unbelievable. bill: stormy weather triggering the weather spout as thousands of lightning strikes hit throughout the area. martha: federal investigators are at the scene of a horrific accident. they are trying to piece together why a freight train slammed into a parade float full of wounded veterans. >> it was identified as a quiet zone. typically there would be a horn blast a quarter mile before the crossing. in a quiet zone there is no horn blast. martha: the accident claimed the lives of four veterans and injured 16 others. casey stegall is in dallas with
6:55 am
the latest on this. >> reporter: the federal investigators will be interviewing the driver of the parade float. he voluntarily submitted to a bloods alcohol level test at the hospital. the feds have determined the warning device at that intersection were indeed functioning properly. the bells and lights went off 20 seconds prior to impact. now special tests will be done to look at the timing here. >> this is where a similar locomotive engine along with a truck will be at the collision and our investigations will be spending over 3 hours taking measurements, photographs and other kinds of factual
6:56 am
information obtained. >> reporter: parade organizers say this route was used for the three different years with this organization. martha: the community honored those who were killed over the weekend. what can you tell us about that? >> reporter: midland, only about 115,000 people, 30 miles west of dallas. there were a number of prayer vigils held there. this was a large annual event. lots of people lined the streets to watch this accident unfold. four troops were killed. two people we main in the hospital today. one stable, one still critical. >> reporter: want to take you live to gaza city. the fighting continues and both sides say they will not budge. will we see an allout war in the middle east? martha: scott walker joining a
6:57 am
dozen republican governors as the states square off against washington. we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] are you considering a new medicare plan? then you may be looking for help in choosing the right plan for your needs. so don't wait. call now. whatever your health coverage needs, unitedhealthcare can help you find the right plan. open enrollment to choose your medicare coverage begins october 15th and ends december 7th. so now is the best time to review your options and enroll in a plan.
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pays for the federal government? eight days. not eight months, not eight weeks, eight days. >> republicans would like to see as you just reported tax deductions and the wealthist easterners capped and tax loopholes cut and discretionary spending cut way district attorney. democrats criticize that proposal in the way that the republicans criticize the democrats. >> you have to cut some investments, if you cut too many you're hampering growth and ed indication and investment for the future. >> the democrat's opposition to capping deductions may be ground eu grounded in self-preservation. limiting personal deductions would hit democrat-leaning blue statessess special le hard, states like new york and california, those are the states where taxpayers have the highest
7:03 am
its myselfed deductions, martha. martha: we hear that the president weighed in on the fiscal cliff issue on his trip to thailand and cambodia. what did he say? >> during a joint press conference with the prime minister he asked for devine guidance. >> i believe in prayer when i go to church back home and if a buddhist monk is wishing me well i'm going to take whatever good vibes i can give me to deal with challenging back home. >> wall street hopes the prayers are answered. us companies are pulling back on investment at the fat et cetera rate since the degrees. martha: at the bottom of the hour we will be joined by the man whose job it is to keep track of the gop votes in the house and if necessary keep republicans in line. can he do that? house majority whip kevin mccarthy will be here in "america's newsroom" to talk fiscal cliff with us. we'll ask him about the
7:04 am
likelihood of higher taxes in the new year. bill: meanwhile oversees new developments on libya. congress launching an investigation into who changed cia talking points blaming the assault on terrorism after david petraeus told law meekers that his agency knew al-qaida, or links to al-qaida was involved from the very start. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge live on this in washington. what can we report about the talking points. >> good morning. fox news was told that the language in the talking points changed from al-qaida affiliated individuals to extremist organizations which republicans say had the a effect of minimizing the role of terrorists in the attacks and the chairman intelligence committee says the evidence points to the administration's political appointees. >> it worked its way up through the system of these so-called talking points that everyone refers to, then it went up to the deputy's committee. what i found fascinating about
7:05 am
this investigation, again my role here in my mind is to say was there an intelligence failure here and how do we prevent it from happening again. it went to the so-called deputy's committee that is populated by appointees from the administration that's where the narrative change. >> while rogers and die and feinstein have differences over benge feinstein said they will investigate the change. >> we gave the directive yesterday that this whole process will be checked out. we are going to find out who made changes in the original statement. >> one argument is that the language was changed to protect last tpaoeud information, in this case the identify indication of the groups involved, bill. bill: we heard from the white house over the weekend, catherine, as you know the white house says it did not change anything with regard to the talking points. what was stated? >> reporter: well, bill, as the congressman states it goes to the administration and specifically the national security council when the email traffic from the consulate in
7:06 am
realtime was going inside the white house it spoke of a military-style attack in two ways and there was a claim of responsibility from ansar-al-sharia one of the groups implicated in the attack. if that's correct the statement we have over the weekend from the deputy national security adviser says the only change they made to the talk -lg points was benign from the word consulate to diplomatic facility. again, congressional sources says this appears to be an effort to parset the words white house versus national security staff. in any event the most critical development is that there is a formal investigation into who changed the talking points and the intelligence committees are saying this was not a failure of interpretation by the intelligence community itself, bill. bill: catherine, thank you. we're waiting to see where it goes and it could take some time to find out where. catherine herridge in our bureau in washington. martha: other lawmakers are also weighing in on the benghazi attack over the weekend. south carolina senator lindsey graham says he believes the white house intentionally
7:07 am
covered up al-qaida's involvement because it would have hurt the president's chances to win re-election. here he is on "meet the press." >> let me put this in contest, would this white house mislead the american people about national security events? i think they might, simply because when the osama bin laden raid occurred they leaked every detail about the raid. we have a pakistani doctor in custody because they told about the role he played. martha: graham also promising to get to the bottom of the scandal saying that he wants the president held accountable for the national security break do down. we take you to violent protests unfoiledding in the middle east as nearly a hundred demonstrators are sent to court over the course of just two days. a rise in the price of gas sending thousand ofs protestors into the streets of jordan. lawmakers say the prices will not come down any time soon. joining us by phone is amy
7:08 am
hibles. what has been happening there over the last week. >> we have had violent protests which frankly we haven't seen in the past . for the last probably 24 months. for the motor part they've been peaceful. on tuesday night the cabinet decided to lift the subsidies on oil derivatives which resulted in an immediate increase in the price of gasoline, and cooking oil. people depend on this for cooking and to heat their homes. these are people that are really struggling right now. there was already, you know, a certain level of dissatisfaction with economic and political reform, so on tuesday night people took to the streets. most of the violence i would say occurred in the first two days leading to more than 150 arrests. there was a 27-year-old jordanian that was shot and there were more -- shot dead and here than 70 injuries, including 54 security personnel. on friday there was a huge
7:09 am
demonstration in informant of a mosque. why it wasn't quite as large as the process organized by the opposition last month the rhetoric has definitely sharpened. many of the demonstration were calling for the downfall of the regime. and chanting against the king which is really unusual here in jordan. here it's against the law, actually to say anything negative against the king, you can be imprisoned for up to three years for insulting the king. not everybody downtown would join in the reciprocal chant. it was kind of interesting, you had part of the crowd really calling out the king's name, and then some people kind of looking around a little bit uncomfortable with this. over the weekend the islamic action fund actually distanced itself from those remarks saying look, we are not calling for the downfall of the regime, we want to reform the regime. martha: amy, thank you very much. all eyes on jordan right now as we watch the arab spring
7:10 am
progress across that part of the country, the region and jordan is feeling some of that tension as well right now. bill: and a bit to the west israel and harass on the brink of war. tens of thousands of israeli soldiers called up for a possible ground invasion. a move that one u.s. senator supports. >> israel has a right to protect itself, and if sending ground troops in is the only way they can clean out these mess of rockets being fired at them, you know, you can't blame them for doing it. bill: could a cease-fire deal be close? what are they saying behind closed doors? the latest on that moments away, martha. martha: in wisconsin they are skwraeupbare join 20 other states to reject a major provision of president obama's obamacare law. bill: could the twinkie live to see another day?
7:11 am
>> i better get to buying twinkies. hopefully another company will pick them up and we can keep them going. [ male announcer ] when these come together, and these come together, one thing you can depend on
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is that these will come together. delicious and wholesome. some combinations were just meant to be. tomato soup from campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do.
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martha: it's a dangerous situation between israel and hamas and it is growing more tense. the u.s. and britain are warning of the potential risks of a full on ground war should this conflict escalate beyond the rocket attacks we are seeing now. israel says it has to do what it has to do. >> hamas simply has to stop firing and we have to create a situation where they cannot go back to the way they were before where every other week some hamas rocket people would fire dozens of rockets into the southern part of the country and send millions of israelis into bomb shelters. no count rewould tolerate that type of situation. president obama said no country would tolerate that situation, that israeli should defend
7:15 am
itself and deem what is right to defend itself. >> kt mcfarland with us a former deputy secretary of defense. and captain nash is with us. a ton of experience in the area, great to have yo you with us. do you expect we'll see a ground war? >> hamas this time may have just pushed the israelis too far. they've spent a lot of time, money and effort to go into full mobilization. if they were to back down from this now the deal that they cut better be really, really special, because there is nothing that says they couldn't keep jerking them around, mobilization after mobilization. at some point the israelis will go in there and clean that place out. martha: it looks like the israelis in terms of what they are hitting, they've hit stockpiles. obviously they want to wipe out as much of the military capability as they can. there was a report that crossed the wires a little while ago that they got a harass militant
7:16 am
in that hit. kt do you think they are doing enough to shock hamas into backing down? >> see, martha i don't think it's really about israel and hamas. i don't think it's a typical, you know, hamas lobs a couple of missiles, israel comes back and takes them out. i think this is a bigger picture. why? it's all about iran. this israel six months down the roadie sides it has to dew a preemptive strike against iran's facilities, what should they be doing now, takeout iran's ability to retaliate. that's why there are 10,000 missiles that israel wants to takeout now. median range, long ra*eupg, because they want that option six months down the road if they have no choice but to takeout iran's nuclear facilities that iran's ability to retaliate by unleashing hezbollah and 10,000 missiles and israel is reduced. martha: how much more tension is in this situation, captain nash,
7:17 am
because of the arab spring, because we have new leadership in places like egypt, for example? >> the hamas actually is very closely aligned and born of the muslim brotherhood which is so active in all the middle east and southeast asia. you've got that aspect of it. but kt's spot on with the iranian involvement in this. this is not in egypt's best interest for something like this to happen, because anyone who thinks that hamas can provoke an arab-israeli war is crazy. the syrians are all preoccupied right now. your previous report just talk about what is going on in jordan, and egypt certainly doesn't want to go mano y mano with israel. who is involved with this and who is stirring the pot? who has dropped off the news ticker because everybody is focused on israel? it all goes back to the iranians, they are stirring the pot and they like everybody focused on somebody else, not on
7:18 am
them. martha: great point. lindsey graham spoke a little while ago on the sunday show i should say and basically said that egypt needs to watch it, that we give them a tremendous amount of financial backing, that everybody is watching this new leader, mohammed morsi to see hod see whose side he's on. >> i think he is in a really difficult situation. this is the first time in 40 years that egypt is governed by a very different group of guys. 40 years there's been a peace treaty between israel and egypt. now the nooyi egyptian leader, he's muslim brotherhood. guest what, his cousins are muslim brotherhood hamas. he has a very narrow line to walk. on the one hand if he looks like he's supporting the muslim brotherhood, hamas going up against israel he has to face the wrath of the united states and the pocketbook of the united states. if he doesn't look like he's supporting them he has his own
7:19 am
islamist factions inside egypt who will say who needs i we could have had hosni mubarak for this type of reaction. martha: how is this going to play out? >> it remains to be seen. the israelis have gone through full mobilization, they are ready to om it's a costly thing in time and material and money, so for them to do this on a bluff, that is not happening. but they have to also look, this is not just urban combat, gaza has been hollowed out underneath. there are tunnels all over the place between buildings, so as a conventional force advances the bad guys drop down, run through the tunnels and come back from behind them. i've had briefs from israeli intelligence, this is a nasty battleground. i'm sure they will not do this likely. this is a big deal. martha: thank you both for being with us. bill: here is a big deal too, what will washington do to your taxes? we're about to find out when we caulk to kevin mccarthy part of
7:20 am
the house republican leadership. our guest here live. martha: with wisconsin congressman scott walker joining more than a dozen leaders, this is a big story, they are rejecting a major part of obamacare. our next guest says the law is about to run into a road block. >> most americans look at what is happening in washington and think, they are missing the boat. the economy is a much bigger issue. don't get me wrong i think they need to balance the budget and take care of these fiscal issues but more importantly we need to get the economy going. ♪
7:21 am
7:22 am
[ male announcer ] it's that time of year again. medicare open enrollment. time to compare plans and costs. you don't have to make changes. but it never hurts to see if you can find better coverage, save money, or both. and check out the preventive benefits you get after the health care law. ♪ open enrollment ends dember 7th. so now's the time. visit or call 1-800-medicare.
7:23 am
retailer is bracing for a potential employee strike on one of the biggest shopping days of the year. walmart workers plan to mount 1,000 protests both online and in person in and before the days
7:24 am
around black friday. around 30 workers from the seattle area stores were already out on strike last week. protestors are demanding higher pay, cheaper healthcare and morey tkeubgtabl moreno predictable work schedules. unclear how many will actually take to the picket lines. bill: wisconsin governor scott walker joining 17 other governors in rejecting a major provision of president's healthcare reform law. the governor is refusing to set up a state-run online health insurance market where consumers can buy private coverage at federally subsidized race. instead it will be up to the federal government to create them in each state. john fund columnist the national review magazine, john, good morning to you, my next guest. i see your points here. but before i get to them, just tell me what it means if i'm living in wisconsin and i'm one of the 10% in that state that doesn't have insurance.
7:25 am
scott walker says the state covers 90% of people living in wisconsin. what does it mean to me if i don't have the state exchange set up either by the state in wisconsin? >> well it probably means that you're a transitory worker, or someone who has fallen through the cracks, because remember obamacare is not going to cover everyone, and i think what you're going to have to witness for is the federal government to move in and overriding the state bureaucracy create a separate exchange. that will be very cumbersome and awkward without the state's cooperation. wisconsin says we know our local conditions best and we've covered over 90% of people and we are working on the rest. bill: you say we are in a stalemate phase, explain that. >> we have a problem because the supreme court has not only left the states out of the medicaid mandate because the federal government was going to force states to dramatically expand their medicaid population,
7:26 am
medical care for the poor, but the state exchanges. the federal government rile expected the states to say, yeah, we'll sign up for this. it maximum it very difficult to implement obamacare. at the same time a bunch of state attorneys general led by attorney general pruitt of oklahoma are challenging the constitutionality of the exchanges. the supreme court says you can't force them to do on medicaid, why can you force them to do it on the insurance cases. i think we will see a significant supreme court case land before the high court next year and a big chunk of owe bam care could actually be declared unconstitutional. bill: what would the case challenge, john? >> it challenges the right of the federal government to order the states around, to force them to either set up the exchanges or if they don't set up the exchanges they give up a lot of the privileges and benefits of having obamacare, including the fact that employers won't have to pay a fine if they don't offer health coverage, because then everybody is going to get it from the exchange. this is a big deal, because the states say, look, we have the
7:27 am
right to run our own healthcare facilities the way we wish, and just like the federal government couldn't do it with medicaid you can't do it with healthcare exchanges. bill: you're drawing a longer line on that because what the court said, the supreme court said is if you disagree with this medicaid deal you don't have to go through witness. >> exactly. bill: i want to pull another line from what you've been writing about. obamacare will continue to barrel toward implementation in 2014 but its fail inks will become clearer and clearer every day. take this a step further now. you have a calendar of two years that is set up. and if you're running into these road blocks and you're trying to figure out how to implement it, what happens then in 2014? we're under the impression everything starts to be implemented across the country and the full law takes effect. is it quite possible that the closer you get to 2014 the longer delays you will get by washington to say, hey we need more time to figure out, and figure this out.
7:28 am
the exemptions given a year, year and a half ago to various companies who is to say more can't be given out possibly to the states at a much greater level. >> you know what washington says, why put off today what you can put off again tomorrow, and tomorrow and tomorrow. so obviously this is going to be stretched out more than they want. in addition we'll have increasing pressure because more and more employers are going to drop people from their healthcare coverage. we are already seeing that in this weak economy. bill: sorry, on that, what is the affect of that then, john? >> i think it will raise dramatically opposition to obamacare, because one of the signature things president obama said is if you like your insurance you can keep it. well, if your employer drops you from the insurance coverage or drops offering health insurance completeee and says go to the exchange that is not legislate you keep your health insurance. what if these exchanges aren't set up quite yet and operating fully. bill: i understand that. there is much to discuss on this. we will be in contact. john fund here in new york,
7:29 am
thank you. martha: it's an american icon of sorts, it's on life support at this moment, the maker of twinning he's, and ding dongs, and wonder bread and much more in bankruptcy court today. will another company swoop in and pick up all those little tasty treats in a fire sale. bill: nancy pelosi says no tax hikes, no deal on the fiscal cliff she wants to raise the rates. what do republicans say about that? kevin mccarthy is our guest live but first bobby jindal here. >> if they put a band-aid on this we'll be at another fiscal cliff in a few months from now. we need structural changes. we need a limit on the growth of government spending so it can't go fast in the economy. without those structural changes we are not getting anywhere. okay, now here's our holiday gift list. aww, nothe mall. well, i'll do the shopping... if you do the shipping.
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bill: i want to get back to the major issue facing washington that is your tax dollars and the fiscal cliff, it hits in about 45 days. democrats say that tax rates must go up for certain americans. where do the republicans stand on that today. kevin mccarthy, house majority whip, the california republican is with me in studio. good morning to you. >> good morning. thanks for having me. bill: it's good to see you again. you picked a good time of the year to be in new york city. where are we right now? >> they had their first meeting down at the white house. there is a bipartisan which to do this. you want to make sure that you
7:34 am
gather revenues but you get a progrowth agenda, that means you don't raise the tax rates. there are ways to close and limit loopholes. you need a progrowth. you want to reform the tax code where we can create more jobs. you don't want to harm small business. also the president talks about a balanced approach, getting at least 2.5 to three times as much in cuts. that's what we are looking at too. where can we find the cuts in government, take a progrowth agenda and grow this economy for small businesses. bill: i'm going to be very specific about this now. a lot of folks may lose the meaning of the definition when we talk about revenue, and we talk about tax rates. >> yes. bill: because you're talking about the left hand and nancy pelosi is saying forget it, the only way you're going to get a deal is if you raise the tax rates. is that a game stopper? >> well the president isn't saying that. remember this. nancy said last may that it had to be a tax increase on those a million and more. she keeps changing the game plan. that can't be the case.
7:35 am
if the president just went and changed the tax rates, that pays for eight days. where do we go from there? the president also says that he wants a balanced approach, two and a half cuts. we haven't heard of where his cuts are. the difference here is that we're talking about revenue, there are ways to do it in a bipartisan manner. if you look at earns and young report if you go and raise those tax rates that hits small business. it could cut 700,000 jobs out of the economy. so you don't want to hurt the economy. bill: you've got to think democrats don't want that either. what i hear you saying is that the president is not in lock step with nancy pelosi when it comes to tax rates versus revenue. meaning and suggesting that he may go along with your deal as opposed to raising tax rates. do you see that as a possibility? >> i see it as a possible about it. i think elections are over. let's sit down and find a bipartisan way that we can solve this problem, not go to a cliff r-r, whil crystal cliff by at the same time we have a
7:36 am
progrowth agenda and grow jobs. the president says he was open to listening to ideas from republicans. john boehner was just down there at the white house on friday, it's the beginning. we want to show him if he wants to gain revenues we are more than willing to talk about closing and limiting loopholes. bill: which loophole would you close? >> we'll sit down and lay them all on the table. there are a lot of ways you can go through. we have to have reforms. what you need to do too, the structural change. you have to have structural change otherwise you're going to continue to this trillion dollar deficits sthao based on your experience in working with president obama is he willing to go for significant tax reform, change the whole problem? that would be historical. >> we will not get out of this mess without growing this economy, and the only way to do that is to have structural reform and tax reform. this isn't something that republicans have sat back on. we have passed legislation already that sets up the framework to have tax ry reform. we've passed it to take away the sequestration that he says in the debate will not happen.
7:37 am
bee have already passed that in the house. a lot of it sits in the senate. bill: i need to get to one final point here. if there is a bill presented on the floor of of the house that increases the tax rates for people making $250,000 or more, a million dollars or more per year, would that bill pass in the house of representatives with republican leadership in. >> look what the president says he wants a balanced approach. you cannot get there just by raising the two tax rates, that pays for eight days. what do you do with the rest of the problem? you've got to find reforms in it where you have cuts but you've got to grow this economy, and the only way to do that is overall tax reform, that's what we're talking about the president about. if he wants revenues we are not saying no to to revenues, what we're saying is you don't get that by raising the tax rates you get that by loopholes. bill: just to nail this thing into the wall okay. if it were tax rates you say that does not pass. >> it hurts the economy. remember when the democrats controlled all two years ago they had the ability to raise
7:38 am
the tax rates, what did they say and what did the president say? you do not raise rates in a tough economy. they shows not to do it. this economy is still in a very difficult situation. the earn an ernst and young report shows you will lose small business and lose 700,000 jobs. we want to sit there in a bipartisan and way, solve this fiscal cliff, find the cuts and reform so we can unshackle america. bill: thank you sir. kevin mccarthy here in new york. nice to see you. martha: interesting conversation *g conversation. thanks to him for being here today. the sun unleashing two monster eruptions over the weekend so huge that nasa's cameras couldn't capture them all. they got some of it. and phaoef phaoefp phaoefp kabg kabm itchio kaku talks to us
7:39 am
necessary. bill: 30 popular brands may go out of business. >> that's why you can help yourself grow bigger and strong eight ways with wonder bread. i mean grow bigger and are stronger eight ways. >> so be sure to eat wonder bread. ♪
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bill: 18 minutes before the ho hour. iran says the country has begun building a pipeline through syria, a pipeline that will run through iraq. it is a sign that iran is feeling the pinch of international sanctions. new york city has gas rationing through this friday. that means people traveling on the holiday may have problems. there is a fuel shortage from hurricane sandy. another casualty of sandy, bearer bonds. some on wall street saying a
7:43 am
whopping $70 billion in bonds may be lost forever after sandy flooded a huge underground vault. keep an eye on that story. >> houd depart tphershowdy partners, come to hostess twinningee town. watch this. here is your rewards. thanks. yep, you get a big delight in ever bite of hostess twinningees. twinkies. martha: host test presenting a bankruptcy plan looking to shut down 36 plants and sell off the business. the union that may have led to the deat company's closure is hoping that somebody will come in and cleanup soft pieces of this company. there are very big questions about whether employees could still lose and if there are lessons to be learned in the
7:44 am
story of th the demise of the twinki. who better to ask, steve moore, and matt mccall. this is a great american franchise, right? they have 18, i think -- maybe more than that patents in terms of original products. steve, whose fault is this. >> you know what is sad, i'm old enough to remember those ads. this is really -- martha: you'll have to tell us about them some time. >> those black-and-white ads. i think this is a tragedy. you're talking about as many as 10,000 american workers losing their jobs. what i find mystifying is how the workers would go on strike against a company that is about to be liquidated. it may come back in some form, this company, but, you know, the unions are going to be the big losers here. one of the reasons companies go through bankruptcy is to nullify these labor contracts. they are a big problem, because they have enormous cost. some of the work rules are
7:45 am
really amazing. we wrote about this. you have to have a separate truck to drive the wonder bread and a separate truck to drive the twinkies and so on. any business that takes this over will want get rid of those. my big worry is that it may be, i hate to say this. twinkies may be made in mexico or china. martha: this is exactly the way this is looking. bimbo which is a mexican company maybe the buyer of twinkies. is this a classic case where the unions continued to make so many demands over the years. this is the second time host testime hostess has gone through bang hrupt see. did the unions put so much pressure that it was impossible for them to function. >> a lot of the employees in the union never lost their jobs, they got their jobs back. the union officials here were playing chicken, unfortunately for 18,500 people they lost and you information out of a job. i think what this really shows is the fact that as steve mentioned, they had some really
7:46 am
amazing issues in the contract sphars sphreugt up deliveries, who coul as far as splitting you have up the deliveries. the unions could have gone in and said let's take that 8% salary cut, let's knock down some of the pension benefits we have. now what is going to happen is companies who are looking at buying hostess for the last couple of years. they couldn't sell the company because they knew that anybody buying them didn't want to take the collective bargaining agreements with the unions. these companies, the free market is waiting to have it broken up, lick what dated as we are seeing today. they will come in. if you do get rehired it will be at a much lower salary. martha: a quick thought on the model of this company. maybe there is a lower demand in the country for things like twinkies and wonder bread. maybe a couple of companies in consolidation can produce this product in a more efficient way than this company could. is this sort of the free market at work? >> you know what is funny,
7:47 am
martha, there are a lot of people around the country who are stocking up on twinkies now on ho-ho. martha: a retronovelty. >> i think he's are iconic food. the demand has been down a little bit. but the problem with the company is as its demand went down it couldn't cut its cost because of the problems matt was talking b. the real tragedy is here i bet if you went to these workers and said would you rather have an 8% pay cut or no pay at all i think a lot of the 0 workers would say given that situation we're willing to negotiate on these labor rules. but the labor bosses, the union bosses would not allow that. martha: yep, i think it was a big game of chicken on both sides and really everybody is a loser here. we could have saved some of these jobs, several thousand of these jobs perhaps in consolidation and more efficient business practices. we will see. matt, thank you very much. steve, thank you. >> thank you. bill: what are you having for lunch? >> twinkie, peanut butter and jelly and an apple. bill: i'll meet you there. jon scott coming up 12 short
7:48 am
minutes away. how are you doing. jon: i'm already thinking about turkey. bill: save me a drum stick will you. jon: the violence between israel and gaza seems to be getting worse, but are you getting the full story? we'll look at how the media coverage of those dudley attacks sometimes skews the reality. who blinks first when it comes to addressing the fiscal cliff. by the sides say they will reach an agreement. who is actually willing to make the painful concessions on what they want? all eyes on the political drama in washington. a fit over a california nativity scene heads to the courtroom today. a 60-year-old tradition up ended by atheists, whose freedoms are being quashed here? the debate in ten minutes. bill: thank you, jon. all right this solar explosion should have you concerned because our next guest says this incredible solar flair should serve as a warning sign for life here on planet earth.
7:49 am
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again shooting off solar flares so huge that nasa's cameras could not even capture all of that. look at that on the screen. dr.~michio kaku is author of physics of the future how science will shape human destiny in our lives by 20100. and professor of physics at the university of new york. good morning to you. how are you doing. >> very good. bill: show us the flair you picked up over the weekend. there were two of them and they are huge. >> the earth is about this big compared to this gigantic solar flair, there is hurricane from hell. you realize the earth would be
7:53 am
incinerated if there was a direct hit because of the enormous size of these things. fortunately we are 93 million miles away. bill: fortunate for that. there were two that blasted off the surface of the sun. >> hot plasma 10,000 degrees fahrenheit shooting out into space. fortunately we dodged the bullet this time. one day if there is a direct hit it could be like being in the middle after shooting gallery and we could suffer a tremendous amount of damage to our satellites and power plants. bill: is there anyway to proceed tkeubgt this? >> every 11 years the sun has a temper tantrum. we are entering the next solar cycle, in the next few months watch for it. there will be daily weather reports from outer space showing that once again the sun has sent huge solar flares into space. once every 200 years if there is a direct hit it can cause property damage 20 times that of hurricane katrina.
7:54 am
bill: that is remarkable. let me get to that in a moment. next we are we can expect more of these. >> that's right. every 11 years the north pole and south pole flip releasing a burst of radiation and hot plasma are shooting into outer space. one of these days one of these bullets could hit the earth. bill: what will happen then? you will lose your blackberry. >> first we'll lose fox news. teltelecommunications will be knocked out. satellites will be fried. this is an unlikely event, power stations could get shorted out. physicists have estimated property damage at the level of $2 trillion or about 20 times the damage of hurricane katrina these numbers were done by the military and by the american physical society. bill: when was the last time that happened. >> you have to go back to 1859 or so. the carryin car shall carrington event. we didn't have satellites back
7:55 am
in the 1800s and we've only had a few cycles with the space-age to worry about. power plants have been knocked out in quebec and other cities because of solar flares that graze the earth. a direct hit, though rare could be catastrophic. bill: this was 150 or 160 years ago and certainly the world is a much different place. >> that's right. bill: what happened then? how did it affect folks on earth. >> telegraph wires were shorted out and you could read the newspaper at night in cuba with the light of the northern lights, in cuba, that's how far the northern lights went. from that we can estimate by going backwards exactly how ferocious that solar flair was. that would have fried all our satellites, all the internet, the gps, telecommunications, power plants, your refrigerator, your telephones, we're talking about a complete black out not just in one city now, but the entire planet earth. >> wow, great stuff and great analysis too. when you see the force and the power of this. shear off the sun it's something
7:56 am
else. thank you. nice to see you again, we'll talk again real soon before it happens. >> right. bill: martha. martha: wef bean talking about this a lot this morning, israel and a harass edging towards a full-blown war as poll steupb yan rockets continue to reign on israeli cities the push for a truce, but is it too late? we are live on the israeli-gaza border.
7:57 am
7:58 am
7:59 am
martha: as you get ready for the big turkey new reports suggest you might want to skip traveling this thanksgiving and spend some more time with that turkey. aaa estimates that 43.6 million americans will take trips of 50 miles or more this year that is up from 43.3 million last year. the national average price of gas will fall. bill:

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